Dont Make a Deposit { scam}

Select a plan:
1.08%-1.45% hourly for 96 hours

PlanSpent Amounthour Profit (%)
Plan A10.00-299.001.08
Plan A300.00-1999.001.25
Plan A2000.00-10000.001.45

108%-120% after 1 day

PlanSpent AmountProfit (%)
Plan B300.00-2999.00108.00
Plan B3000.00-20000.00120.00

180%-300% after 3 days

PlanSpent AmountProfit (%)
Plan C2000.00-4999.00180.00
Plan C5000.00-9999.00240.00
Plan C10000.00-50000.00300.00

5%-8% hourly for 24 hours

PlanSpent Amounthour Profit (%)
Fast Plan500.00-2999.005.00
Fast Plan3000.00-7999.006.50
Fast Plan8000.00-50000.008.00

Account Balance: $ 0.00

Amount to Spend:
Spend funds from Perfect Money,USD
Spend funds from Advanced Cash,USD
Spend funds from PAYEER,USD
Spend funds from Bitcoin
Spend funds from Litecoin

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